Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Says Ricky Gervais Crossed The Line

Earlier today I posted amazingly funny video of Ricky Gervais‘s brilliant opening monologue as host of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards last night and mentioned that the comic is taking a bit of heat from the celebs he skewered on live television today. The Hollywood Reporter nabbed an interview with Philip Berk, the president of [...]

Last night I made my way to Ollie and Caleb’s kickass downtown apartment for an impromptu Golden Globes watch party to hang out with a few Turtle Partiers. David, bless his heart, was a bit tuckered from our previous night’s festivities so he regretfully had to refrain from coming with. While watching the Golden Globes was the main event of the night (we were ALL excited for Trent Reznor‘s big win!!!) I was very excited to finally get to meet Ollie and Caleb’s new baby … their puppy Daphne.

Is this not the cutest pooch you’ve ever seen? She is such a doll … so well behaved and just a lovable, lovable dog. After we finished watching the awards, some of the group splintered off and went home … but I stayed for a while longer to listen to music with Ollie, Caleb and Daphne. ‘Twas a really fun night with friends :)

Tonight, I have plans to hang out with another group of friends … so that should be fun, too. I hope all y’all are enjoying your Mondays today :)

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