Monday, January 16, 2012

Study Shows That Men Are Distracted By Sexy News Anchors

Are male readers actually reading any of this? Or are you just staring at the photo??? LOLz.
According to a new study, even though sexy female news anchors may boost ratings, males are less likely to retain much actual news from them, because they get distracted.
Indiana University scholars have found that “men’s cognitive mechanisms favored visual [...]

By now, you all know all about Kevin Smith's stunt at Sundance this past weekend. You know he bought his own film, Red State, for $20, even though he told people he was going to hold an "auction" for the rights to it.

But now, you can see the whole mess go down yourself! Someone who was in the audience had the foresight to tape Kevin's rather interesting rant.

Check out the video (above) to hear Kevin explain, in his own words, what buying this film for himself actually means.

We won't lie, it's loooooooong. Still, its worth the view to see how Kevin is trying to challenge the industry into a new wave of making and selling movies.

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