Thursday, February 23, 2012

Charlie Sheen Hospitalized Again [UPDATED]

Charlie Sheen drama is back in the news again. No, his latest episode does not involve an escort locked in a hotel closet … this new episode involves a trip to the emergency room that hospital sources call “serious”. TMZ reports that Charlie was transported to the emergency room earlier today by ambulance right as [...]

Yay!! David made it home safe and sound from his trip to Florida. After spending a few days with his mom, dad and sister in celebration of mother Hauslaib’s birthday, David returned home to SoCal last night.

While I’ve been enjoying my alonetime, it is very nice to have David home again. I managed to get my voice back and my throat is no longer sore … mebbe I was just feeling the ill effects from David’s absence? Whatever the case may be, I’m feelin’ great today.

Tonight, David and I are planning to trek down to Manhattan Beach to hang out with Emma so that we can finally meet her sister visiting from San Francisco. Should be fun. Happy Thursday!!

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