Sunday, June 3, 2012

Amanda Seyfried Talks Ryan Phillippe Dominic Cooper

Mamma Mia! We can't keep up with Amanda Seyfried's love life!
First, she breaks up with Dominic Cooper, then we hear that Minge and Ryan are dunzo, THEN we hear that they're back together, AND THEN we hear that Ryan is hooking up with Rihanna…and NOW we're hearing that Minge misses Dominic.
If Ryan is in fact [...]

Lindsay Lohan

Not only was she spotted at an Oscar swag suite this weekend getting free stuff and posing for photos, but…

Sources reveal exclusively to that Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Madonna's uber-exclusive Academy Awards after-party on Sunday night.

Why was she there?????

LINDSAY!!! You should not be at any party right now!!!!


Can't you just stay home and watch movies or do yoga or something???

[Image via WENN.]

Piet Mondrian
Recettes du Moyen-Age.
Jasper Johns
Creation d'entreprise
Leonardo Da Vinci

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