Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did Spice Girl Mel B And Hubby Have A Spicy Night With A Stripper?

Did Mel B and her husband decide to spice up their life with a stripper?
An Australian stripper is claiming she spent a night with ex-Spice Girl Mel B and her hubby, Stephen Belafonte.
The couple were in Australia promoting their reality show, and they reportedly met the stripper while making a public appearance at a local [...]



Three masked, armed men held up a California Chuck. E. Cheese Saturday night, herded the 40 employees, customers, and CHILDREN into a storeroom, and held them at gunpoint while others successfully robbed the place!

According to Newark Police Sgt. Manuel Deserpa, they began receiving 911 calls around 10pm, but by the time authorities arrived, the suspects had escaped. Since the men all kept their faces covered, they could not be ID'd.

He explained:

"Our detective division will be following up on this. They will be working this case."

We certainly hope so! These men need to be apprehended and locked up!

We can't even begin to imagine how terrifying this whole ordeal must have been for those poor children.

We think it's about time Chuck E. Cheese just cut their losses and shut down!

There's no way this business is going to survive many more incidents like this!


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