Friday, April 15, 2011

When Kylie Met Charlie

Such an honor…for both of them!
Moments after his car was trashed by an angry mob, Prince Charles was all smiles at the Royal Variety Performance concert, where he was introduced to Kylie Minogue!
Nothing like a little Kylie to brighten your day, even when your ride gets totaled!
Doesn't she just look lovely?!
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Look at that - there's still some justice in this world.

It's the conviction thats been eight years in the making.

A jury in Utah found Brian David Mitchell guilty this morning of kidnapping and continually raping Elizabeth Smart when she was 14 years old. After an almost five hour deliberation, the jury cast down the guilty verdict, which was met with by smiles from Elizabeth and her family in the courtroom.

Brian faces a lifetime in prison, which is lenient sentencing if you ask us, but it will do.

A justifiable end to a tragic circumstances. Perhaps now, Elizabeth can put start anew. We wish her the best with that.

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