Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Books To Become Movies. HOW???

Sure, we all grew up on these or the Goosebumps ones but are we going to ruin the nostalgia by bringing these to theaters?
Red Crown Productions has made a deal with Choose Your Own Adventure series publisher Chooseco to make the series into films.
These books were awesome because they were interactive. How would they pull [...]


Innerestingly enough she left rehab to come to court to plea not guilty.

Like rain on your wedding day, huh?

Alexis Neiers, known best as one of the sticky-fingered kids of the Burglar Bunch, pled not guilty to two charges stemming from her arrest last December at her arraignment yesterday. The charges stand as one felony charge of possession of a controlled substance (aka the black tar heroin, yuck!)and misdemeanor possession of a smoking device.

After the judge heard her plea, she was shipped back to rehab for another month. She'll return to the courts in March for her hearing.

And so it begins again. One stint behind bars just wasn't enough for you, bb? You had to go for two?

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