Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Follow NBCs Grimm on Twitter You Can See The Pilot Now!

NBC is pulling out all the stops for their new show Grimm and that includes using the social media tool Twitter. Those who follow NBC’s Grimm will get to see the entire pilot episode now, sweet sign me up! For those of you out there like me who can’t wait to see the premiere of the new show Grimm well guess what we can see it now! I know it doesn’t actually debut until Friday October 28th but if you follow the show on Twitter you can see it early. Here is the lowdown on what you have to do and no it so is not complicated. Simply go to www.twitter.com/NBCGrimm and start following the show. Once you do that you will receive a direct message via your own Twitter account that will give you a URL and personal passcode that will allow you to access Grimm, which you will be able to do as many times as you want up until it actually premieres on NBC. To get you even more psyched to follow the show and see it early, you can check out the preview clip below. It looks so good and I don’t even normally like these [...]

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