Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Katy Perry, The Magnificent!

Feast your eyes on this m-m-magic!
Little by little, we're catching onto some of the funsies Katy Perry has in store for us on her Teenage Dream tour. We knew she was talented, but we had no idea she was a magician!!!!
Check her out as she performs Hot N' Cold with a bit of magic on [...]

Tomorrow is the big day! Our favorite Glee underdogs are heading to Regionals and judging from the music we've already heard, it sounds like we're in for a totally awesome episode!

So, let's get a sense of what we are in for, shall we?!

Check out this first look from tomorrow's brand new episode, called Original Song! (above)

Watch yourself, Rachel Berry! That blonde looks like she's scheming!!!

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