Monday, July 16, 2012

Miami Is The Last City For Housewives

Andy Cohen, when asked about which city he'd be taking the Real Housewives to next, has said that he thinks they're done after Miami.
If you were looking forward to getting some Housewives exposure in your cities, that's a big bummer!
So what about spin-offs?
He says that other than Bethenny Frankel, that they're good just where they [...]

iPad 2 rip off on ebay

Why do we ALWAYS forget to stock up on the newest technology only to reap the benefits when it goes out of stock in stores!

The sold-out iPad 2 is unavailable in most major cities and has created such a high demand that people are buying them for 40% more than the retail price on eBay!

The highly coveted predecessor to the original iPad, which accounted for 90% of of the 18 million tablet devices sold last year, was being auctioned off on the internet every few minutes for upwards of $700 (compared to the retail $499).

It seems that people can't bear to wait the 3-4 weeks when ordering directly from Apple, and are instead opting to pay hundreds more for overnight shipping from eBay.


Patience is a virtue people!

Would U pay more for an iPad 2 instead of waiting to purchase it at retail price?

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